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Gourmet Spinster November 13, 2011

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Tonight there is a full moon rising over Topanga Canyon. It’s the same moon that Tennyson was looking at when he said that it was a “ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy sea.” I watch it from my livingroom couch where I am grading student essays and listening to Acoustic Cafe – my favorite program from my home NPR station. The fact that I am listening to it just as if I were driving the Virginia roads, pointed home through wintering trees, still amazes me. Technology.

Tonight I am alone. I was alone last night. But both these nights are just part of who I am now. I have left behind a desperate need to not be single. Elizabeth McCracken writes in her memoir, An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination, that before she met her husband she was a spinster, not single, because that would imply that she was trying not to be, but a confirmed spinster with her own community and life.

I love that. Love that. Being single takes energy. Spinsterhood just IS. Me, in the world. As I want it.

So, farewell OK Cupid. You are full of meaningless encounters with men who date as an activity. That is of so little interest to me that I am bored just thinking about your hideous pink pseudo-alchemy icon. Or, as one of my favorite actor friends put something today: “it makes me want to throw up on my own face.”

Recent spinster recipes:

Creamy Polenta with spring onions, fresh tomatoes, and smoked gouda

Green Thai Curry

Curried Squash and Tofu

Stay tuned…


One Response to “Gourmet Spinster”

  1. Dan Says:

    There is no counter status to spinsterhood for old men. Bachelor carries the same onus as single, impliing that I am searching. I have been married most of my life, yet felt alone at the same time. I am married now but have learned that the reason I marry is because it enables me to give. It is good for that!

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