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On Transitions February 7, 2012

Filed under: Uncategorized — Amanda McRaven @ 1:15 am

Today my roommate informed me that she has decided to sign a new lease on our apartment with my current subletter. That means that when I return from New Zealand, I will be homeless. I have spent the day with this.

But I have spent the evening with dear friends here in Aotearoa. We hiked to a secret kauri tree, watched a ring around the moon, spontaneous fireworks, and then the fire  in the home-made brazier slowly die.

And I thought, these are the people you want next to you. The ones you don’t have to fight. I have spent a year fighting with a roommate because I love her too much. That’s not love. It’s selfishness dressed up like love.

So here’s to homelessness! It’s freedom. It’s independence. It’s the chance to jump and be caught.



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