stars in my hands

take it in. give it back. deglobalize.

I’m considering place April 2, 2012

Filed under: Uncategorized — Amanda McRaven @ 4:03 pm

and home. and our conceptions of home. what earns that title? besides kids and a partner. What if you don’t have those things? How do we know where home is? Where is the place where we won’t wake up each day and think, what’s this for? Sometimes I think that life is the act of creating a series of distractions to keep us from thinking too much. But the distractions are so beautiful. So I’ll take it.

Because I sit here in this summery day, California light on the canyon trees, doors open onto my rough board porch, the quiet of a small place. Really good music. Time to do and make. And all that matters. And I don’t know if it is Home, but it may be something close to it.


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